The Week Ahead: August 4 – 10, 2008


Monday 8/4/08 – I’m inviting everyone to join me in planning The Week Ahead!  See my post just below this one, from earlier in the day.

Tuesday 8/5/08 – Marie, the Boston Bibliophile, hosts the weekly Tuesday Thingersquestion.  I learn new things about the LibraryThing system with every question she poses, and I think a little bit about my systems!

Wednesday 8/6/08 – I don’t have much “booked” this week.  Finishing up a review of Tan Linesand perhaps listing a giveaway (you’d like that, wouldn’t you?!).  We have to do a big shop at BJs (one of those warehouse stores like Costco, if you’re not familiar with it), so I’ll probably bribe encourage good behavior from the kids by letting them each choose a book from those huge enticing book tables.  Activity books would be especially good, since all our camps and swim lessons are over for the season

Thursday 8/7/08 – storytime at the library!  LM3 and LW6 enjoy these – our librarians are active and skilled at engaging the children.  Each storytime has a theme and generally includes a few books, a feltboard story, puppet show, and film.  There are always coloring pages to take home.  The library holds many children’s activities; this week also features an evening singalong at the branch library, and an evening “pajama time” story hour.  Our older kids enjoy the time browsing the stacks for their own selections.

Friday 8/8/08 – opening ceremonies for Olympics, will you be watching?

As I said, a fairly light week for me (this is Monday morning, anything could happen between now and Friday!).  Of course I have stacks of books to read, and I’ll post reviews as I write them.  What have you got on tap?

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