Re-cap of Book Blogger Appreciation Week (from where I sit!)

Each day this week, Amy has asked us to write about a specific topic; I’ve been in bed since Tuesday afternoon (one of those crazy New England sinus infections stemming from weather in the 80s one day and the 60s the next.  TMI, I know, sorry about that … It beats “the dog ate my homework” for an excuse of why I’ve been MIA this week!).  This is today’s assigment from My Friend Amy: today take whatever direction you want. Share some of the new blogs you’ve discovered, things you’ve learned, what you got out of the week, or what you plan to do on your blogcation (I have one coming up…:)

The blogs, oh my!  I had 120 blogs in my Reader last weekend, I’ve added about another 40 since the week began.  What a great group of people – sharing ideas, book recommendations (of course!), interesting conversations about world events and how they affect us, author sites, even blogs that focus on genres I’m “not into” got added!  Thru the daily postings I was introduced to other readers and writers with similar general interests, but diverse enough to not be the “same old, same old.”

I loved the interviews that Amy arranged!  I haven’t worked my way through all of them yet, but I so enjoy reading them.  I always like to read/listen to author interviews, and hey, bloggers are just as interesting!  It’s fun to find out the back story as to why/how they started, challenges they’ve overcome, fun they’ve had, and the niche they cover.

The giveaways have been spectacular!  My TBR pile is so tall that I entered a limited few, but, boy were there a lot of books and other goodies to be had.  Amy made great connections with publishers, publicists, authors and other bloggers who spread the word and arranged many giveaways of their own.  What a generous group!

The awardswere well-deserved!  Many of these blogs were new to me, so they were dutifully added to my “must read” list as well.  The categories ran the spectrum and covered every nook and cranny of the book blogging world!  I think everyone who was nominated was worthy – maybe we need a “BBAW Nominee” button as well as the “winner” button, so the runners-up can show that off, too.

Since I’ve been under the weather this week I have been posting only minimally (and still have “homework” to catch up on, the “thank you” assignment and blogging tips will come over the weekend).  On Monday I had a review and giveaway of Kathleen McCleary’s House & Home (enter by midnight tonight!).  Tuesday was my interview with Amy and a wonderful guest post by Kathleen McCleary.  If you haven’t read Kathleen’s post, please take a minute to click over – she talks about the inspirations for one of the settings in her novel, combining IRL bookstores and her creative talents to form the Hole in the Wall Bookstore; it’s neat to read about the writer’s process.

Many thanks to Amy for being the creative force behind this eventful week, and to all the others who stepped up to lend such a huge helping hand!  From where I sit (and lay, and nap this week!), it’s been a phenomenal success.  I have a lot of reading and writing to catch up on over the weekend … Amy, enjoy your well-deserved blogcation!

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