Join the chat with Joyce Hinnefeld, author of *In Hovering Flight*

How did I miss this on my The Week Ahead post this week?!  Joyce Hinnefeld will be featured in an Author Chat at LibraryThing from October 29 thru November 12.  Just click here to get to the right page over at LibraryThing (free membership options are available, if you are not yet a member … what are you waiting for?!) and start posting your questions and comments for Joyce.  She will pop in every once in a while to join the conversation, answer our questions and blush at our praises.

In Hovering Flight, published by Unbridled Books last month, was the #1 Indie Next pick for September 2008.  Here’s the summary: 

At 34 years of age, Scarlet has come home for the passing of her famous mother, the bird artist Addie Kavanaugh. The year is 2002. Though Addie and her husband, the world-renowned ornithologist Tom Kavanaugh, have made their life in southeastern Pennsylvania, Addie has chosen to die at the home of her dearest friend, Cora. This is because their ramshackle cottage in Burnham, Pennsylvania, is filled with so much history and because, in the last ten years or so, even birdsong has seemed to make Addie angry, or sad, or both. These are the things that Scarlet needs to understand. Cora and Lou (the third woman in Addie’s circle) will help Scarlet to see her mother in full. In addition, Scarlet carries her own secret into these foggy days-a secret for Addie, one that involves Cora, too.

Joyce Hinnefeld’s debut novel is rich in so many ways beyond the taut mother-daughter dynamic and the competition among even the closest of women. The natural world, an artist’s vision, the intensity of long-lasting love, the flight of a bird’s song and the sighting of an extinct – or perhaps illusory – small creature all work to shape the plot of the novel. Even the prose seems filled with birdsong-at once raucous and transporting. In its structure and style, In Hovering Flight follows in the tradition of writers like Virginia Woolf, Harriet Doerr and Carol Shields: musical and dramatic, with myriad stories and voices. But the evocative language of this soaring novel is Hinnefeld’s own.

This novel has been waiting for me on my bookshelf!  It will be on my nightstand by the weekend, so that I can join in the author chat; hope to see you there!

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