First Book Update: October 2008

Yes, it’s mid-November, and my intent is to update my efforts to support First Book monthly.  I’ll shoot for the first week of the month next time.

As I posted here, I’ve taken on a personal challenge to support First Book, monetarily and with my time and talents (be they what they may :)   )

For the “time and talent” portion of the update, I don’t have much to share this month.  Things are slow in my area, but I’ve set aside some time next week to make some phone calls and see if there’s anything “special” going on for the holiday season.

I’ve rounded up the proceeds from folks shopping thru She is Too Fond of Books and added to the fundraising efforts here.

I’ve also created a Shop page on this blog, with links to other online shopping opportunities that will benefit First Book.  I’ve added only stores that I would shop at, or that have a good reputation; in other words, the page won’t be clogged with and such ilk!

The impetus to add this shopping page was simple – my husband placed a large order at and I realized that his clothes shopping could benefit First Book.  I looked at some of the other companies participating and chose a handful to work with.

If you shop online at any of the stores listed, I hope you’ll consider connecting to their websites from here.

In other news, First Book has announced that now thru December 31, the funds raised will count twice.  Through the generosity of Random House Children’s Publishing, every $2.50 will be matched with an extra book through the end of the holiday season.  Thanks, Random House! 

Other First Book supporters include Lauren over at Shooting Stars Mag, who is setting up a series of “marked up” book auctions.  Click here, to see the current auction, for a copy of Oh, the Places You’ll Go.

And remember, you can donate directly to First Book here, or set up your own fundraising page here.

Thanks for your support!

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