The Week Ahead: December 1 – 7, 2008

Monday 12/1 – a Manic Monday indeed!  Nothing especially bookish on my calendar – laundry and grocery shopping after our Thanksgiving travels. 

Tuesday 12/2 - Tuesday Thingers and Teaser Tuesdays happen today.  Check back and you’ll get a peek at what I’m reading.

Wednesday 12/3 – Today’s Spotlight on Bookstores post is written by Joyce Hinnefeld, author of the wonderful novel In Hovering Flight, which I reviewed here.

Thursday 12/4 – I’m hosting Julie Gabriel’s The Green Beauty Guide as part of her TLC Book Tour.  Come back and find out a bit of what I learned.  As I read/reviewed/experimented with this book, my husband has taken to calling me “the Green Goddess” … that’s what passes for flirting around here these days!

My TriCon book group meets tonight; instead of discussing a book, we’re watching a movie (Constantine’s Sword) based on a book (Constantine’s Sword: The Church and the Jews – A History by James Carroll).  Now, I’ve written before that I like to see a movie after reading the book, but apparently I’m turning over a new leaf!  Just this week we rented Atonement (which I haven’t read), and I took LW12 to see Twilight (ditto, haven’t read it).  I don’t know much about this particular book/movie, but this group of women always has a great discussion, and a yummy potluck dinner.

Saturday 12/6 – It’s official “Put up the Christmas Decorations” day at our house.  This means getting the bins (neatly stacked and labelled, of course) from the basement, assigning various duties to the kids, and seeing what happens – we have our traditions of certain decorations being placed in the same spot year after year, but last Christmas was our first in this house, so nothing is set in stone.  Oh, and we missed the adventure of cutting down our own tree last year (we bought from a local nursery instead), so I have to find a tree farm that we can drive to (despite my son’s pleas, we are not driving back to our favorite tree farm in Connecticut!)

Sunday 12/7 – Gregory Maguire will be at our local bookshop to read from his latest novel, A Lion Among Men.  Remember when I nearly ran into him when I went to hear Julia Glass read from I See You Everywhere …  I hope I can manage to walk a straight line and do more than stammer when I get my book signed!

This is whirlwind season – those short weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas!  What are you doing this week to keep your sanity?  What will push you over the edge?  Are there any funny holiday decoration traditions in your family?

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  • I just read your comment on the movie vs book review. I LOVED Attonment as a movie BUT the book was FAR FAR better I suggest you read it. I loved it so much I bought two more Ian McEwan books and was saddly disapointed. But, Attonment will always make my top 20.

  • I’ve got tons to do today, too, and here I sit in front of my computer.

  • Ti

    I called in sick today and have been wrapping presents. Shhh. Last year was the first year in our new house too but I think most everything ended up in the same spot as last year.

    Fun traditions as far as decorations? We do not allow my husband to stand on the roof. He has fallen off twice and denied doing so each time. My son and I could barely contain ourselves when it happened a coupe years back in our one story house. We have a two-story now so ladders are not an option. All decorating must be done from the ground.

    Here’s my Week Ahead post:

  • I’ve found that my reading time is being severely impinged by blogging…I’ve been reading the same book for the last two weeks. Must get back on track! This time of year, it is difficult to “keep up the pace.” I’ve been writing more than reading…not sure if that is good or bad!

  • Did you like Atonement?

    We did Christmas decorating the Monday before Thanksgiving – it’s so nice to have them done. No traditions here, other than drinking hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music. Sometimes if it’s really crazy I spike the cocoa with a little Bailey’s :)

  • Holiday family traditions are so comforting. Some of the ones I enjoy most are the ones I’m not even aware are “traditions”. Meaning – they have become traditions for one or another of my kids and I don’t realize its a tradition. Here’s one – about 2-3 years ago we set up Christmas tree up in the middle of the living room. It had no furniture (recent divorce). We had a blast dancing around the tree stringing lights. Around and around. Now every year, my daughter asked to do this because she had so much fun.

  • What a great bookstore you have – I’d love to meet Maguire. Have fun at the signing!

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