The Week Ahead: December 8 – 14, 2008

Monday 12/8 – Today I’ll run my review of The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel.  This was scheduled for last week, but was postponed due to illness.  Many thanks to Julie Gabriel and TLC Book Tours for their understanding!

On the topic of health, I’m getting back “on course” … registration opens today for the Wild Rover series of road races which are held on consecutive Sundays beginning February 22.  The first week is a 3-mile race, the second is a 4-miler, ending with a 5-mile race on March 8.  Each race is followed by a party at the sponsoring pub, featuring live Irish music.  The finisher’s medal is unique – the three medals link together to form one big medal.  This is a lot of fun during the winter doldrums in New England, and I encourage any runners (or, like me, should-be-runners) in Eastern Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire to register for one or all three.

I’m joining Mailbox Monday, which is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page.  I was using Friday Finds to show books that had come into my home, but will now use that spot to chat about books that have caught my eye (but aren’t yet in my hands!)

Tuesday 12/9 -We have an interview with Joyce Hinnefeld, author of In Hovering Flight.  Check back to see what Joyce has to say about weaving birds and art into her book, some of the books that she referred to in her novel, and her habits as an author.

Also up today are Tuesday Thingers and Teaser Tuesdays.

Wednesday 12/10 – This week’s Spotlight on Bookstores post is written by Joyce Hinnefeld.  I’ll give you a hint, the store she dishes about is in Santa Fe … any guesses?

Thursday 12/11 – My younger daughter has two children’s book reviews that have been published on Reader Views Kids; we’ll re-run them here for you.  I’m especially fond of What Went Right Today, which includes a book, journal, and music CD.

Booking Through Thursdays takes place weekly; you can find a complete backlist of topics and links to the posts here.

Friday 12/12 – Gregory Maguire was at our local bookshop this past weekend, reading from his latest novel, A Lion Among Men.  Visit She is Too Fond of Books on Friday to read my post about this author event, complete with audio clips of the author’s dramatic reading – I’d love to have him read entire book to me!

Saturday 12/13 – LW12 has a piano recital today!  This is the first recital with her new teacher and practice; she’s excited about it.

Sunday 12/14 – We exchange Christmas gifts with my sister, who is driving down from Maine for the day.  Can you keep a secret?  My gift to her will be posted in Monday’s review of The Green Beauty Guide!

J is on a whirlwind coast-to-coast multi-stop business trip this week, so I’m on my own with swim practice rides and the nightly bedtime routine.  However, we’ll be more relaxed with our meal plans, and the kids and I expect to enjoy take-out with friends and our favorite quick-and-easy frozen Trader Joe’s dinners for a change of pace.

Can you share one highlight of your week with us?  Hopefully you’ve got something more exciting than take-out pizza going on :)

Have you seen my latest giveaway, for original watercolor artwork from Vivian Swift’s When Wanderers Cease to Roam?  Very exciting!

5 comments to The Week Ahead: December 8 – 14, 2008

  • What went right today, can’t wait to see what that is about, it sounds like a good idea.
    Sorry, but I don’t have anything more exciting than take-out pizza. I’d love to find time for some though!

    Here’s my Week Ahead!

  • A series of races??? Followed by parties at pubs??? Why can’t I live where you do, Dawn? That sounds like so much fun!!!

  • I want to live where you do too. There always seems to be something fun going on. OK so I don’t really think the running is fun but everything else does. More exciting that take-out pizza–I can top that with Arby’s as momma’s finishing papers tonight and there will be no time to cook. Here’s my week ahead and I’d rather have your week ahead.

  • Ti

    I never could run. Even when I was younger running always felt too jarring to my body. I envy anyone that can do it though because it’s a fantastic way to keep in shape and to also keep sane.

    Oh, here’s my week. Not as crazy as last week.

  • Stephanie – and I didn’t include the mundane Target and BJs run this morning. I shopped like a wild woman while I had all the kids at school; we’re all set for food and household stuff, now if only I could finish up the holiday shopping …

    Shana – I just entered my registration; I’m so excited to be doing this one again! The 3-mile race last year was my first “race” experience … very fun.

    Bree – I have to pick the highlights of the week to write about, not the daily grind :) This Week Ahead post forces me to find the wheat among the chaff!

    Ti – I started only last year, when I made a personal challenge to complete a sprint-distance triathlon. I’ve never been athletic, so it was a big deal! I hope you get some “down” time this week after last week’s hectic schedule!

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