Knit one, purl two; finished ten rows and unraveled a few!


I joined the Dewey’s Books reading challenge several weeks ago (it’s early in the year … I’ll get my reviews posted!)

The Challenge has several mini-challenges throughout 2009.  I’m going to take up “Dewey’s Knit-a-Long” mini-challenge.

All the details can be found at this post, here’s a summary from the hostess, Robin:

Now that the holiday season is over, it’s time for new projects!  Help celebrate Dewey’s love of books AND of knitting!  This is a mini-challenge for those of us that are honoring her memory by reading the books she talked about on her blog,  and who also share her love of knitting!   How about dedicating at least one of your 2009 knitting (or other handwork!) projects to Dewey’s memory?  Perhaps you would like to knit or crochet some things for a local charity?  Or if you’ve never learned to knit, maybe it’s time to learn! 

Now, as you can guess by the title of this post, I’m not a knitter, but, in the spirit of becoming more creatively fit, I’m jumping in with both feet!  I have knit a few scarves in the past, and once knit a sweater (that came out large enough to be worn by me and two of my closest friends, AT THE SAME TIME!). 

Our church has a knitting circle of sorts, that creates handmade items to give to those in need.  While I love the idea of working on a soft sweet baby blanket, I’m going to start with a simple rectangle … yes, I’m back to scarves!

I’ll pick up yarn this week, pull out my knitting books (maybe review one, if the copyright isn’t too long ago), and get the needles click-clacking.  I’ll post my progress in a week or so.

Are any of you who are participating in the Dewey’s Books Challenge joining me in this mini-challenge #2?   Can I inspire you to give it a try, even if you’re not reading for the Challenge?

6 comments to Knit one, purl two; finished ten rows and unraveled a few!

  • I’m so glad you’re joining us for Dewey’s Knit-A-Long! I love the idea of becoming “creatively fit” (your review of the book was very interesting!). I am also working on a scarf right now, so I look forward to seeing the updates of your scarf on the needles.

  • Good for you for picking up the needles again. Knitting is calming, meditative activity. I’d love to join you in the challenge but I have overextended myself in both book challenges and knitting projects. But, I will watch your progress and cheer you on.

  • I’d like to teach myself to knit one day *sigh*

  • I’m doing the knit-along mini-challenge and got my bag started this weekend. If only I could knit and type or read at the same time I’d get a lot further along!

  • I’m not part of the reading challenge, but I’m going to participate in the knit-a-long. I need something to get me knitting again on a more regular basis. I hope you’ll post pics of your projects!

  • Robin – I bought yarn this week! That’s a step in the right direction; hope to post more before the fast-approaching end of the month.

    Margot – thanks for your cheers :)

    Ladytink – or ask a friend! I’m much more of a “show me how” person when it comes to hands-on/dexterity stuff.

    Ali – a bag, that sounds like fun … I’ll look forward to seeing pics of your project! if we’re watching a movie I can knit (once I get going … it’s been a while, but I think I’ll get in the rhythm pretty quickly). I’m not adept enough to knit and read.

    Anna – oh, yes, I’ll post my progress … in the same way a kindergartener pins pics on the fridge (in other words, don’t have high expectations that my knitting will be the fiber equivalent of a masterpiece!)

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