I’m hope I’m not raising a future Mommie Dearest!

We’ve been using cloth napkins for a few years.  We each get a fresh napkin with breakfast, and, thanks to color-coded napkin rings (yes, it’s that organizational OCD at work again … I also do it with toothbrushes and water cups!), they can be reused at each meal throughout the day.

I bought two dozen “restaurant quality” napkins from HomeGoods; since I do laundry EVERY DAY, I usually have a clean stock ready to lay out each morning.  This week I’ve been a bit behind, and had to resort to my “open in case of emergency” package of Vanity Fair paper napkins.

You should have heard LW6 when she sat down to breakfast, “Paper napkins!  I HATE paper napkins!”  My mind immediately flashed to the ”no more wire hangers” scene from Mommie Dearest.  (I’ll admit I saw the movie ages ago, and haven’t read the book).


So was it this book about manners and etiquette that pushed her over the edge:





Or do you think it was more along Andie MacDowell’s musings in Sex, Lies, and Vidoetape:



Garbage. All I’ve been thinking about all week is garbage. I mean, I just can’t stop thinking about it … I’ve gotten real concerned over what’s gonna happen with all the garbage. … I mean, we’ve got so much of it. … You know? I mean, we have to run out of places to put this stuff eventually.

LM4 is going to “help” me “fold” the laundry now (I’m using both terms very loosely, he is four, after all!), so we’ll have cloth napkins at dinner and she can find something else to fuss about!

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  • How cute! Kids can be so precocious! I have a 5-year-old grandson who is here every weekend and he can be quite a cut-up and can certainly put the adults in their place!

  • I’m thinking she’s more Emily Post than Mommie Dearest! Oh wait….was that her name, Emily Post? hmm… well you know who I’m talking about!

  • Oh how precious!! My organizational OCD kicks in every once in a while at home…but then my hubby and sons quickly override it. My labels taped to shoe boxes, toy cubbies..all torn off or rearranged. It’s a nightmare, I tell you!

  • Ti

    Mommie Dearest! Too funny. Obviously she has very refined tastes and prefers cloth to paper.

  • I’m still trying to teach my boys that their shirt sleeves are NOT napkins! Talk about having to do laundry — you should see their clothes after every meal!!!

  • Nicole

    :) … I wish I had a touch of organizational OCD, my cup and mug cabinet have all of them interdispersed… I was thinking about organizing it, but. . . send some of that energy this way, if you would! :) One place that I have organized is my closet – I have lined up the clothes by color; fortunately I don’t have too many prints, b/c I don’t know what to do with them — suggestions? (the loft is calling my name today… )

  • Dawn – How do you keep them from getting stained? I tried this for a while (ours were white – maybe that was the problem) and couldn’t keep them looking clean, even though of course they were!

  • LuAnn- She definitely likes her routines!

    Kelly – yes, Emily Post! In fact, I have a bio of her that I’ve been avoiding (I started it and couldn’t get into it … maybe you’ve inspired me to revisit the book and she what she has to say about napkins!)

    Serena – not too adorable when I was trying to get them ready for school and we lost several minutes on the tirade!

    Jenn – most of my labels and truly organized parts of the house are out of the reach of the kids (spice racks, my shoes, my bookcase). I attempt organizing at their level (literally, their height), and it doesn’t stay that way!

    Ti – I thought of that saying “We’ve created a monster!”

    sarah – we’ve got that going on, too. and if you catch them wiping on sleeves they just lower their hands and wipe them on the pants!

    Nicole – several years ago I went thru the mugs and got rid of the “souvenir” mugs and other mismatched items; then went out and bought a dozen “nice” mugs. … the souvenir and bday mugs are taking over the cabinet again! Clothes? I don’t have a suggestion, LOFT is one possibility :)

    Shana – ivory/cream instead of white, bleach as needed, and retire them if they’re too bad. I also take the attitude that we can deal with a little stain!

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