Introducing 3-Day Thursday: Call me Madame Ambassador


The folks at the Breast Cancer 3-Day noticed some of my earlier posts about the walk I’m doing, which will be held in the Boston area in July.

They’ve asked me, and other chatty walking bloggers, to become 3-Day Online Ambassadors, keeping our readers up-to-date with info about the various walks around the country as well as our personal stories.

So, today I’m introducing 3-Day Thursday, a weekly event for the next 16-20 weeks.  Each week I’ll share a bit about the BIG PICTURE of the walks, and let you know what’s happening in my little corner.

There are 15 3-Day walks across the US this year.  They run Friday – Sunday, averaging 20 miles per day.  I understand that the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are awe-inspiring, and that the walkers tend to be energized rather than exhausted … the power of people coming together for a common cause.

If you have the tiniest smidge of interest in what this is all about, I encourage you to attend a “Get Started” meeting. 

My team-mate, Debbie, and I went to one a few months ago.  There were about 30 people who wanted to find out more about walking or being a crew member (a crew member helps at the 3-Day site, but doesn’t walk the 60 miles.  She might help with set-up, serve meals, offer hydration, hang direction signs, etc.) 

There were also 3 or 4 people associated with the 3-Day who welcomed us and answered all our questions about what to expect.  We talked about creative fundraising, tent accommodations, camaraderie along the route, meals, etc. 

Most importantly, we talked about what happens to the funds raised thru the Breast Cancer 3-Day walks.  The answer is that 85% of net proceeds benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the remaining 15% benefit the National Philanthropic Trust.  Both groups support breast cancer initiatives including research, treatment, prevention and education.

We left the meeting full of enthusiasm and confidence.  Confident that we could not only walk the 60 miles and raise the money we have committed to, but also confident that we can make a difference!

Next week: Training the 3-Day way


My personal update:

  • Training:  going well, following the 24-week plan (more about that next week).  This next week has me walking 22 miles and engaging in 45 minutes of cross-training.
  • Fundraising:  also going well.  I’ve raised $811 so far, and have only 298 cups of coffee to go!  Debbie and I have been collecting items from our neighbors for our tag sale scheduled for the beginning of May.

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