3-Day Thursday: Training, “put one foot in front of the other …”


Hello, Madame Ambassador here … It’s time for my weekly update.  We’re 15 weeks from my Boston 3-Day walk, so you’ll be seeing these updates for the next several months.  If I can encourage one person to walk, volunteer, donate, schedule a mammogram, do a self-exam, or take some other action in the fight against breast cancer, I’ll consider this series of posts to be a success!

Today I’m going to share a bit about the training support I’m getting from the folks at the Breast Cancer 3-Day.  I have confidence that by following the plan and tips they offer I’ll be prepared to walk 60 miles in July (check back then to read all about it!)

When I registered for the Walk I opted for a weekly training plan to be e-mailed to me.  There were two options, a 24-week plan starting roughly 6 months before the event, and a 16-week plan beginning about 4 months prior.

I figured “why not now?” and opted for the 24-week plan.  Each Friday I’m sent an e-mail outlining my walking and cross-training for each day of the following week.  The e-mail also contains a training tip; previous subjects have included foot care, blister prevention, and information about stretching.  By incorporating these tips into my training routine, I’m ensuring that I put my best foot forward!

I wear a pedometer every day; the steps really add up!  On a typical day I walk one mile INSIDE MY HOUSE before I leave to take my youngest to preschool.  That’s walking up and down the stairs getting kids ready, carrying laundry around, making the rounds of bed-making, getting the kids to the bus stop … just my normal routine.  Add some intentional treadmill walking or an errand to town, and I make my daily goal with no problem.  Yes, I know that longer walks will follow in the weeks to come; that’s the beauty of the plan, we’re building up strength and endurance.

The Breast Cancer 3-Day has Training Walk Leaders.  These are walkers/volunteers who map out a training walk based on the goals for that day.  They scout out rest and hydration stops, check road conditions, and encourage the walkers on the route.  My team-mate and I walk solo or with each other at this point; we may meet up with an organized training walk when the weekend mileage increases to 10-15 miles.  I’m sure the camaraderie will be great!

My cross-training leans towards a weekly 90-minute yoga class.  I was swimming a lot last year, and would like to bring that back into my training routine.  Other options include biking, jumping rope, rollerblading, or working on an elliptical trainer.  The idea is to build endurance while avoiding overuse injuries.

I’m getting a lot of guidance from the 3-Day organization, and they have fantastic resources if any training questions arise.

Next week: if the shoe fits …


My personal update:

  • Training:  I’m on track with the 24-week plan. This next week has me walking 24 miles and engaging in 45 minutes of cross-training … I hope I get to hit the pool!
  • Fundraising:  I’ve raised $811 so far, and have only 298 cups of coffee to go!  Debbie and I have ordered pink rubber bracelets (saying HOPE, STRENGTH, FAITH or SURVIVOR) that we’re selling for $1 each … it all adds up!

4 comments to 3-Day Thursday: Training, “put one foot in front of the other …”

  • You are such an inspiration!

  • Ti

    Wearing a pedometer is a real eye-opener. I had to wear one when I was training for Half Dome, which never happened because of an injury but it wasn’t that hard to get 10,000 steps in per day which is what we started out with.

  • Dar

    Wow Dawn, you’re doing great and for such a good cause. I can’t participate anymore in the walk but I do donate and I donate time to the Cancer Institute we have here. I wish breast cancer could be stopped in it’s tracks–that’s my hope someday. Keep it up-you are an inspiration to many!

  • Sandy – I have very good intentions … blogging about my progress and goals helps keep me on track!

    Ti – I’ve read that … that 10,000 is the minimum we should walk just to maintain heart health (more for strength, endurance, weight loss, etc.)

    Dar – That’s my hope, too, and I believe it will happen. I have two daughters, and although my involvement with The 3-Day isn’t just for them, believe me, it is for them!

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