3-Day Thursday: Be flexible!


Welcome to this week’s 3-Day Thursday, er, Friday post!  I had planned to post about the shoe-fitting clinic I attended, along with some tips for choosing the right training/walking equipment ….

But, it’s been a wacky week, so instead of following my plan, I’m writing about being flexible.  That’s not stretching and yoga, we’ll cover that another week.  Today’s post is about being willing and able to make changes to a plan and to accept when you don’t meet your goals!

I’ve had kids home sick from school every day this week (they’re on the mend, thankfully, it started with one and went thru all four!), and haven’t left the house.  Really, except for one brief errand I’ve been housebound caring for my kids, exactly where I belong when they need me!

This means I haven’t been keeping up with my walk training plan.  I’m disappointed, yes.  I feel better mentally and physically when I exercise, but it just wasn’t happening this week.  Instead of dwelling on it, I’m looking forward to getting out early tomorrow morning for a long walk.  I may not meet my weekly mileage goal, but I’ll be happy with what I am able to do.

I got thinking about the Breast Cancer 3-Day that I’ll be walking in July.  60 miles over three days is a lot of steps, but I feel confident that I can do it.  I know that there is support and a contingency plan in place in case I can’t … things happen – despite diligent preparations I may get tired, dehydrated, develop blisters, or get caught in a lightning storm!  It will be no shame to jump on that transfer van and hitch a ride to the next rest area of the walk. 

Is my positive self-talk working?  What do you do when circumstances beyond your control keep you from reaching a goal?

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  • This is the story of my fitness life! Life just gets in the way, and I get discouraged. I try to be positive so I don’t give up altogether, which I think is about all you can do. Good luck!

  • I think it’s great that you’re participating in the 3-day. For some reason or another, I’m never able to do it when it’s close to where I live. What a great thing to do :o )

  • This is not only the story of my fitness life, it is just my plain story. As a stay-at-home mom, I’ve found I need to make schedules and goals for myself for every day of the week (otherwise I would sit at home and read). But like they say, “Give God a laugh…make plans.” I am pretty good about shaking off the change in schedules if I have a week like yours though. There is rarely anything so important that it is life or death if I have to reschedule or cancel. We know you can do the 60 miles, you know you can do it. Tomorrow is another day!

  • My best-laid-plans frequently get de-railed by sick kids or changes in the hub’s schedule, etc. but then the next day I dust myself off and start over. You have to just go with the flow and be flexible, and it sounds like that is something you do very well!! You can do the 60 miles, I know it! Good luck, Dawn! I look forward to hearing about your training.

  • Shelley – In the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “tomorrow is another day”

    I Heart Monster – have you looked into crewing for the 3-Day, if doing the walk won’t work for you?

    Sandy – I’ve never heard that “Give God a laugh … make plans”. I’ll have to remember who’s in charge :)

    Lisa – thanks for your encouragement!

  • Your self-talk is working and you are going to do it and do it well. Look at all the things you accomplish on a daily basis. This is only three days. Don’t think about how many miles and how many steps. Think about all the great people you will be with and all of us who are pulling for you.

    Okay, so much for my ‘mother’s speech’ – you know the one you give your kids.

  • What you’re doing is awesome.
    If all my pep talk to myself is not working, I take a minute, clear my mind, take a deep breath and carry on. That’s what Scarlett O’Hara always did…for the most part!

  • Dawn, I’m sure you’ll be great in the walk. It’s always tough to keep your goals in sight. But for something this important, I’m sure the camaraderie of fellow walkers — and remembering those who can’t participate — will carry you along.

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