Book Giveaway: *The Girl Who Stopped Swimming* by Joshilyn Jackson

Thanks to Hachette Book Group, I have FIVE copies of Joshilyn Jackson’s The Girl Who Stopped Swimming up for grabs!

Here’s the publisher’s synopsis:

Laurel Gray Hawthorne needs to make things pretty. Coming from a family with a literal skeleton in their closet, she’s developed this talent all her life, whether helping her willful mother to smooth over the reality of her family’s ugly past, or elevating humble scraps of unwanted fabric into nationally acclaimed art quilts.

Her sister Thalia, an impoverished “Actress” with a capital A, is her opposite, and prides herself in exposing the lurid truth lurking behind life’s everyday niceties. And while Laurel’s life was neatly on track, a passionate marriage, a treasured daughter, and a lovely home in lovely suburban Victorianna, everything she holds dear is thrown into question the night she is visited by an apparition in her bedroom. The ghost appears to be her 14-year-old neighbor Molly Dufresne, and when Laurel follows this ghost , she finds the real Molly floating lifeless in her swimming pool. While the community writes the tragedy off as a suicide, Laurel can’t. Reluctantly enlisting Thalia’s aid, Laurel sets out on a life-altering investigation that triggers startling revelations about her own guarded past, the truth about her marriage, and the girl who stopped swimming.

Laurel and her sister, Thalia, sound like polar opposites!  I bet there are some interesting family dynamics in this story.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below telling me what you’d do if an apparition visited you in the night. Would you roll over and go back to sleep?  Put the pillow over your head and hide?  Scream for help? Follow the ghost?

Enter by midnight EST on May 1; winners will be announced on May 2.  These books are coming from the publisher, and mailing is restricted to US and Canadian addresses only, no PO Boxes.

44 comments to Book Giveaway: *The Girl Who Stopped Swimming* by Joshilyn Jackson

  • Emily C

    I think if I was visited by an apparition I would probably scream and then cower in the corner of my bed behind my blankets and pillows :)

  • anne

    I would probably just freeze and shake. thanks for this great giveaway.

  • ann marie

    Knowing me I would grab the cat and end up following the apparition. After that I would go and grab a very strong drink. ;)

  • I can answer this honestly…My bf’s deceased wife paid a visit while he was gone for the weekend playing a gig. I was speechless, but somehow knew it was her. The cats on the bed which they had shared before she died, followed her through the door and tilted their head as if they were listening. It was a Dark outline of a woman, the features weren’t distinguishable enough.

    I just stuttered something out, ” I love him and won’t hurt him. I know why you’re here…you can trust me.” Afterwards the black mass seemed to shrink in on itself as it slowly waifed out of the room. I stayed right were I was and left the light on for a few nights afterwards. It was eerie and uncanny to have someone check on you like that beyond the grave.

    Thanks for this opportunity! Indigo

  • I’ve had that happen – at the time, you don’t think, but later you do, and you recognize who was visiting…

    Great giveaway!

  • Christin

    I would definitely freak out and wake my husband:) I’m just a scaredy cat!

  • If an apparition visited me in the night I’d likely freeze, keep my eyes on it, and wait to see what was going to happen next. I’d assume if it was there to leave me a message there would be some way to figure out what the message was, although if it took too long I might have to excuse myself to run to the bathroom.

  • Cheryl S.

    If an apparition visited me in the night, I’d probably scream first, then follow it (or listen to it). I have no experience with apparitions, but I do believe I’ve had a few visitations from the other side. A few years ago a very close friend & mentor passed away. Later in the day, I smelled the smoke from the tobacco he always smoked in his pipe – I hadn’t smelled that smell for over 20 years since he & his wife moved away to Florida! I believe he came by to say “good-bye, see you later”.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • I’d probably just pass it off as another one of my realistic dreams, which I’ve actually done before. I see bugs, people, moving vehicles, you name it, when I awake from sleep at night. It’s a wonder I ever get a good night’s sleep! The idea doesn’t so much bother me, as long as the thing isn’t weilding a sharp object! Thanks for the giveaway! rnawrot at cfl dot rr dot com

  • Just a note to say I’ve posted this on Win A Book. No need to enter me though.

  • If an apparition visited me in the night, it would have no luck waking me up. Better luck visiting me in the daytime.


  • Sue W.

    I would be scared out of my gourd. I think I would have to leave the light on forever, or at least a night light would always stay on. I would love to say that I would follow it, but I know for sure that I wouldn’t.

  • I think I’d try to roll over and pretend it wasn’t there. Thanks for the giveaway, I love Joshilyn Jackson.

  • nhertel85

    I’d try to talk to it. I’ve had some supernatural experiences and for some reason I wasn’t scared.

  • This is one of those things for me that I wouldn’t really know until it actually happened. But, I believe I’d have one of two reactions. The first reaction would be if the apparition looked and seemed to be malevolent. If it did, I would definitely cower under the blankets and whimper. If the apparition looked benevolent, I would probably try to talk to it. Ask it what happened to them, etc.

  • Hmmm…I’d probably go looking for the projector just to make sure someone wasn’t playing a joke on me.

  • Anne


    I would scream and hide beneath my covers, summoning my powers of invisibility (if I can’t see it, it can’t see me)

    Thanks, ahh I don’t even like thinking about the possibility lol

  • nhertel85

    I’d scream, run off, probably fall down the steps and break my neck.

  • Nicole

    i would run screaming in terror!! how scary!

  • I’d definitely roll over and go back to sleep. It can go bug someone else because I don’t get enough sleep as it is, darn it!

  • I had a “visit” from my father in law shortly after he died 10 years ago- he even spoke to me. At the time it seemed very real however I was in bed and I’d just woken up; all these years later I think it was probably a very realistic dream, since he had been very much on my mind.

  • Sara M

    Most likely whack my husband a few times for some back up. For better or worse right?

  • Sue F.

    Right before my 30th birthday my grandfather came to “visit” me in the night, saying “you didn’t think I would miss your 30th birthday did you, doll?” . I believe!

  • I’d probably just end up screaming!

  • I’d probably ask the ghost to take the cat down to the litter box so for once I didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night!


  • Lis

    I would definitely follow the ghost :D

  • Sarah

    I would not scream, I know that I’d probably stare at it… And once I realized that the apparition may not be friendly, I might try to smile reassuringly. You know, to lesson my odds of being harmed. This book sounds amazing!!!!

  • I would hope I had enough strength to scream – but my worst nightmare would be being so scared I’m frozen!

  • The apparition would have to be pretty un-scary for me to follow or even interact with it. Mostly I think I would just sit in a corner and freak out lol! Funnily enough, I’ve always adored ghost stories “true” or otherwise though!

  • jennifer cecil

    As cheesy as it sounds, I would try to hide under the covers and bury myself under my husband as much as I could.

  • Debbie

    I would start screaming for sure. Please include me in your giveaway.

  • Wanda

    First of all, I would probably scream. And then I’d probably pass out … maybe to never wake up again!!!

  • Pamela S

    I would probably scream, shriek, jump out of my bed and then out of my skin. I’d run for help and then run out of the house. The only way I WOULDN’T do that is if the apparition was one of my two parents. I actually think that would be very comforting.

    pamelashockley at netscape dot net

  • Selinda McCumbers

    Wake my husband up, he is better with that type of stuff!

  • I would totally scream and run away. I’m pretty jumpy at night.

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  • Lethea

    I believe I would scream at the top of my lungs!!!!

    Thanks so much for offering a giveaway=)

    Good Luck to all!

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  • Julie E.

    If I saw an apparition in the night? I would scream, cry, and immediately leave to stay at one of my sister’s houses until an exorcist could be called. The whole idea of ghosts terrifies me. But I’d still like to read this book–I’ve heard Joshilyn Jackson is great. Thanks!

  • Aaron

    Probably have another drink and hope the pink elephants take care of business.

  • Renee G

    I’d probably wake my husband and see if he could see it also.


  • I’d probably scream bloody murder!

  • Melissa

    I’d tell it, “You’re dead. Time to move on.” I saw a ghost special on the Discovery channel and they said this is what you’re supposed to do.

  • Rebecca Cox

    I would try my best to talk to it, follow it, anything to find out why it was there and what it wanted.