3-Day Thursday: Exploring the Expo


Madame Ambassador is back!  Today I will share about the Breast Cancer 3-Day Preview Expo which I attended this weekend.

The 3-Day Preview Expo is a 3-hour event which is designed to answer any and every question a walker, crew member, or other volunteer might have.  You can come and go as you like, but workshops are scheduled the entire time; you won’t lack for things to do and learn!

This is one of the enthusiastic volunteers that greeted us as we walked into the conference center.  He had his walking stick ready, and looked like he could go 60 miles with no trouble!

Inside the Expo were hundreds of people who came to learn more about the event.  There were walkers, crew, friends and family, people who were ready to register for the 3-Day, and scores of volunteers including a Youth Corps who were giving demos of how to set up these hot pink tents – our home away from home for the two nights of the 3-Day.

There were activities: door prizes, cheering station to make signs, talking with crew and past walkers, a “dining table” with healthy snacks and chairs to sit and chat with other 3-Day participants, and outfitters with 3-Day gear and shoe-fitting.


The many workshops included:

  • Life on the Breast Cancer 3-Day
  • Camping and Packing Tips
  • Shoe Fit
  • Beyond Apparel
  • Injury Prevention and Stretching
  • Be Good to Your Body
  • Blister Prevention and Care
  • Breast Cancer 3-Day Fashion Do’s & Don’ts
  • Ready, Set, Crew!

I left the 3-Day Preview Expo and more excited about, and committed to, my upcoming walk!  Visit the Breast Cancer 3-Day to learn more about opportunities in your area.

Next week I’m going to tell you about some “Men with Heart.”


personal update:

training:  back on track after two weeks of illness in the house.  This weekend is Boston’s Walk for Hunger, a 20-mile walk thru Boston, Brookline, Newton, Watertown, and Cambridge.  I’ll walk this with a friend, donating to our local food banks and experiencing a long training walk.

fundraising:  still going strong!  We have yard sale scheduled for next Saturday.

8 comments to 3-Day Thursday: Exploring the Expo

  • I am so inspired by you! I wish you lived closer, and I’d do it with you!

  • Could you remind me how to donate to your cup of coffee fundraiser? I skipped my coffee this morning b/c I’m trying to cut back on the calories, and then I remembered that I’ve been meaning to send you a donation anyway. Sounds like you’re doing great in the training and everything!

  • Sandy – There’s one in Tampa! We can meet there in 2010 :)

    Erin – Thank you! The 3-Day *and* you benefit from kicking the morning habit :) The link is:

    I need only 275 cups of virtual coffee to meet my fundraising minimum!!

  • I am really sensing the excitement via your 3-day Thursday posts. Although I am no where near you to be a personal cheerleader, I am definitely signed up as one of your virtual cheerleaders. GO DAWN!!!

  • Ti

    Those tents are too cute. I was like.. “why do you need tents?” Duh! It’s a 3-day. It’s not like you are the bionic woman and can walk three days straight without rest. Sometimes, I worry about me :)

  • Margot – Posting the weekly updates helps to keep me motivated, too! The 3-Day sends out the links, and I’m happy to field questions from anyone who’s interested in learning more. I just hope the posts aren’t too frequent for my bookish readers!

    Ti – Oh, yeah, tents, air mattress, sleeping bag … all the comforts of home. Really, there are tractor-trailer showers at the camp site, with private stalls, hot water … it will be an experience! (and you’ll hear all about it, right here!)

  • WOW, I can’t wait to hear more. I’ve always wanted to do this event, but the timing never seemed right. Maybe when I am finished with all my treatment this year than I’ll sign up for next year! In the meantime, I’m going to do a local event to benefit the American Cancer Society in October!

  • [...] learned at our Expo event that The 3-Day doesn’t give cups/bottles of water at the hydration stations.  In order to [...]

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