3-Day Thursday: “you’ve gotta have heart!”


I want to take a few paragraphs today to give a shout out to a special group, they are Men with Heart, a group of men dedicated to fighting breast cancer.

They are husbands, brothers, fathers, sons, friends and colleagues.  they have come together to do something constructive; and they do it with spirit, and, yes, with heart.  Since 2002, Men with Heart has raised over $800,000 in the fight against breast cancer!


I first saw a “man with heart” back in January when Debbie and I went to a Get Started meeting for the Breast Cancer 3-Day.  At the end of the presentation a man in a bright yellow shirt stood up and introduced himself.  He told us that the Men with Heart team would be with us in July, walking beside us, raising funds and awareness along with us, and cheering us on.  They carry backpacks with all the necessities for a fun, safe, and spirited walk – song books, candy, chocolate, band-aids, tampons, etc … Kind of like fairy godfathers in yellow t-shirts.

The organization was created in response to a noticeable dearth of men participating in the multi-day walks.  Beneficiaries have included the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Avon Foundation, the Jimmy Fund, and Susan Love Research Foundation, among others.  Men with Heart is based in the Boston area and participates in local events. 

Wouldn’t it be great to see Men with Heart across the country?!



Next week: fundraising trials, tribultations, tips and tricks!  It all adds up!

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  • I thought I saw Men With Heart last October here in Orlando on the downtown street corners…am I imagining things? What a great idea!

  • That is just too cool!

  • My husband is a “man with heart” (not with a yellow t shirt though). I was diagnosed with breast cancer while training for my first 3 Day in 2007 and he stood up to the challenge and walked by my side when I walked in 2008 and will again now Michigan’s 2009 Breast Cancer 3 Day.

    I truly applaud these men for their dedication, commitment, and drive in “support” of breast cancer research and treatment advancement. THANK YOU from the bottom of MY heart!

    Laura Pokas, Michigan
    Survivor – July 2007

  • Sandy – it’s possible! I know they’re based in the Boston area, but a smaller contingent may have travelled for an event closer to you. I’ll have plenty of time to walk and talk with these men in July … I’ll ask!

    Michele – yes, let’s just hope I only ask for chocolate and moral support (not an emergency tampon!)

    Laura – yes “men with heart” are all around us, supporting us wherever we are! I read your 3-Day blog – 3 cheers for early detection! I’m walking in honor of friends and family who have been diagnosed with breast cancer; I’ll have your name in my pocket as well.

  • Nicole

    that was great! men singing on the corner =) I like how some of them had the lyrics written down and kept checking their notes, but they all knew the rhythm!

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