3-Day Thursday: Drink up!

Madame Ambassador is splashing her way to the top of the rain puddles to talk to you about hydration.  Ironic, yes.  It seems that it has been raining, drizzling, or just plain damp for about two weeks in the Boston area.  Better now than in July during our 3-Day Walk, I suppose!

It is important to replace not only the fluid lost to perspiration during exercise, but to also replace the salt we lose.  You can do that by drinking a cold sports drink that includes some amount of salt, or by eating a slightly salted food along with the water or other fluid.

These tips from The 3-Day organization are a great guide for anyone embarking on an endurance event, long walk, or any other sweat-inducing exercise:

Pre-training walk/Pre-event:

  • Drink an extra 8 glasses (64 ounces or 2 quarts) of fluid during the 24 hours before a long training walk or the event.
  • Drink 2 glasses (16 ounces or 1 pint) of fluid 2 hours before exercise. This will allow time to excrete the excess fluid prior to walking.
  • Remember, in hot or humid weather you may need to drink more fluids.
  • If you are walking at a slower pace, you may not need to drink as much.

During your walk: Monitor your fluid intake. Drink when thirsty. Your urine should be dilute and you should be urinating frequently. Try to consume 4-5 ounces of fluid per mile (1-2 standard water bottles per hour). This should include water and sports drink.

Post-Walk: Drink a combination of water and sports drink and consume food with some salt after exercising longer than 1 hour.

waist-packI learned at our Expo event that The 3-Day doesn’t give cups/bottles of water at the hydration stations.  In order to save waste and money, our personal water bottles will be filled from larger containers.  I picked up this 2-bottle waist pack at Target, cute, huh?  The bottles each hold 16 ounces, which should be enough to get me to the next hydration station comfortably.  The pack itself has a large inner pocket (good for a change of socks and phone/camera) and two smaller zipped areas to hold ID and ‘whatnot’. 

One last tip for anyone who’s considering purchasing a waist pack or other equipment to use during The 3-Day:  train with it!  Yes, I feel a little silly walking the treadmill in our basement with this strapped around my waist, but it’s a good way to make sure the fit is comfortable, not chafing, and I can move my arms easily.


How am I doing?

I hit a bit of a road block a few weeks ago when my walking partner decided not to participate in The 3-Day.  I respect that she didn’t feel she was where she needed to be as far as training and fundraising (and I’m glad she made the decision sooner, rather than later), but I’ll admit that I wallowed in it for a week or so.  Picking myself up and moving on ….

FundraisingMy 3-Day page shows that I’ve raised $1031; this count is actually about $1630, because the funds from our yard sale haven’t yet been credited.  I’m committed to raising a minimum of $2300, and feel confident that I’ll get there.

Training:  I’ve deviated from the training plan due to a few weekends away and the general malaise I felt after my teammate’s announcement.  I’m back on track now, and really enjoy the walk training – it’s a great excuse to disappear with an audiobook for a few hours!  I plugged ‘swim’ into my calendar for tomorrow morning.  We have a lovely swim center in town, and I’m not using it as much as I should/could be.  Someone keep me honest and check in with me Friday afternoon to see that I’ve actually gotten wet from something more enjoyable than this rain!

The Walk is SIX WEEKS from Friday … see you next week!

10 comments to 3-Day Thursday: Drink up!

  • Great post, as ever, Dawn!

    And while I’m sorry your walkmate opted out of the event, you’re going to meet so many amazing people on the route. I’m willing to wager that one of the people you find yourself standing next to at Opening Ceremonies will become your routemate, campmate, and friend for life.

    This year’s Chicago event will be my sixth 3-Day and this is the first year I’ll be walking with someone I know. (We met at Opening Ceremonies last year and spent the whole weekend together. Today, she’s one of my dearest friends.)

    Thanks for sharing info with fellow walkers. This is about the time people really start thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?!”

    It might feel a little scary for some, but I promise every first-time walker that their lives are about to change in ways they can’t even imagine.

  • I’m sorry your partner cancelled on you…what a bummer! But you are right…how horrible would it have been if she had backed out a week prior? I think I’ve said it before, if I lived in your neck of the woods, I’d do it with you! I’m not sure if I’m in the best shape for it, but I am tough! Great info on hydration. I am a sweater, so I literally can’t drink enough water to replenish what comes out. On the note of hydration, I’m off to get together at a friend’s house. We are all bringing our kids so they can play together and will be hydrating ourselves with sangria! We are one week into summer break and already need time out!

  • Nicole

    Okay. Chin up! 6 more weeks of perserverance and dedication. If you are missing the conversation from walking with your teammate and audiobooks don’t quite cut it, feel free to ring (speaker phone or blue tooth =). Also, I’m sure your mom will talk for a mile or two.

  • Shasta

    I am walking my second 3day (Seattle) in September, and am doing it alone. I had a team of 5 last year and I am the only one doing it again, so am a little daunted but this makes me feel better! :)

  • I really admire your resolve. So sorry your partner fell through, but you can count on me as a mental, long-distance partner. Not much consolation, but I hope it helps.

  • Beth – thanks for your positive comment; I clicked over and read your post about the 3-Day; I’m prepared to be awed!

    Sandy – a week out of school already!?? Our kids go until 6/26; I’ll need some extra special hydration to get thru these next two weeks :)

    Nicole – Oh, yes, Nana will give me a run for my money … exercising jaw muscles as well as the legs

    Beth F – I’ve seen you cheer for the readathon, so I’ll be expecting some upbeat tweets along my route (hopefully I’ll have the new phone and be twitter-enabled by then)

    Care – the best is yet to come!

  • Excellent pointers. I’d never heard that about salt content before; that’s definitely something I’ll try to monitor from now on whenever I exercise.

    Good luck with the rest of your fundraising/training!

  • I totally agree that you’re going to meet so many people on this walk. It’s the kind of experience that will probably create strong bonds among women — I hope to do it myself someday. And what a great opportunity to listen to books while you train! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  • Memory – Here’s some info “Hyponatremia (low sodium) is a rare but serious condition that can cause weakness, cramps, swollen hands and feet, confusion, and even seizures. ” pass the pretzels! Seriously; when we perspire profusely and replace only the fluids (water) and not the salt, it can lead to an imbalance. We’re not talking about downing a container of Morton’s :)

    sarah – and you know how shy I am when it comes to striking up a conversation with strangers (not!)

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