Just for fun: stress test

Look at the three pictures below.  In each, are any of the objects moving, or are they perfectly still?




These pictures are used to test the level of stress a person can handle.

The slower the pictures move, the better your ability to handle stress.

Allegedly, criminals that were tested see them spinning around madly; however, senior citizens and children see them standing still.

None of these images are animated; they are simple bitmap files.

Now tell me – how stressed are you??!

21 comments to Just for fun: stress test

  • I must be a criminal! LOL

  • Huh! If I don’t look directly at the picture, it moves. So I’m peripherally stressed, maybe? :)

  • ann marie

    I’m not a criminal. The last two are moving and the first one is not moving at all.

  • What fun! Thanks for this. They didn’t move– I was worried they were supposed to move. lol.


  • That’s way cool. When I just look at them in a cursory way, like reading the line above or below, they appear to be moving at a slow pace. However, I can make them stop moving with my mind… LOL. No, I mean, if I focus on on spot, and concentrate on it, they no longer appear to be moving. Either way, at least I’m not a criminal.. just wonder, am I old or do I have the mind of a child?

    AND I definitely don’t want to look at them drunk!

  • I know why they are moving so rapidly for me. It was all the NON #gameon stuff I had tonight. It’s a wonder I can identify the shapes, they should be moving so rapidly!

  • I guess I am a little bit stressed! They’re all moving fairly slowly. Not too surprising really. I’m like the Kool-Aid Mom though, I can make them stop if I stare at one spot hard enough.

  • Like the KoolAid Mom and Meghan, if I focus on the pictures, they’re still, but if I just glance at them, they’re moving.

  • 3m

    All of them were moving for me. I can make them still if I concentrate, though. The one on the bottom moves the most.

    For my kids, the top one was still and the bottom two were moving slightly.


  • They are all moving for me but they are just barely crawling along so I’m not a criminal but I’m not a child and (YAY!!!!!) apparently not a senior citizen yet.

  • Very interesting. They’re moving gently for me, like there’s a soft breeze in play. If I stare directly at any one element, it stops moving.

  • Holy vertigo Batman! My ability to handle stress is like Zero according to the Mexican jumping beans popping off the page here. LOL

  • Hah – this proves I’m a senior citizen but not yet old – I think! The top and bottom ones are perfectly still. The middle one slightly waves. Great fun.

  • Oh, it’s definitely moving, but at a slow pace. But like KoolAidMom, I can make it stop if I focus.

  • Huh. I guess I can handle stress since I can make them stop. My eyes are doing weird things now that I’m typing this though. Maybe they have a stress fracture ;)

  • I’m glad to know that I don’t have criminal tendencies; but like Kool-Aid Mom, I’m afraid that the way I’m seeing these means I have the mental capacity of a little old lady!

  • I’m glad everyone enjoyed this one! It’s an optical illusion, motionless .jpgs, no animation, but very clever!

  • I’ve been on vacation, so I’m catching up on your blog today. Already requested two books from the library, and you’ve seen my TBR pile for summer, so I’d better get busy! Interestingly, the top two of tehse designs are barely moving – that’s the summer vacation mode, but the bottom one is going much faster – must be the deeper levels of my brain coming out in that one – the ones that know I have a TBR and a to-do list a mile long!
    Cheers! ~Erin

  • OH wow… what a difference a few months can make. They’re ROLLING for me right now. Post-holiday… mid-Bloggiesta… Stressed much?

    I’m going through my starred stuff in my Google Reader, and I guess I really liked this post :-)

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