3-Day Thursday: who am I walking for?

3day_ambassador_badgeIt’s Thursday!  Time for another 3-Day update from Madame Ambassador!  Stick around ’til the end; this is an audience-participation post …

Many people have asked me “why are you doing this?!”  They want to know why I’m choosing to walk 20 miles a day for each of 3 days.  I have two answers:

The first is that the Walk is symbolic of my fundraising efforts.  It attracts a lot of attention to the Breast Cancer 3-Day cause, which in turn may interest people in supporting the group.  In order to participate as a walker, I’ve committed to raising at least $2300; 85% of the net proceeds will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the remaining 15% benefit the National Philanthropic Trust.  Both group support breast cancer initiatives, including research, treatment, prevention, and education.  So, I’m walking in order to raise funds.

The second reason is that I have too many friends, families of friends, neighbors, former co-workers, etc., who have been affected by breast cancer.  I’m walking for them.  I’m walking for the 1 in 8 American women who will be struck with breast cancer.  I’m walking for those I’ll walk beside during the Breast Cancer 3-Day; those women (and men!) wearing the pink “survivor” t-shirts.  I’m walking in honor of, and in memory of, many wonderful people.  I’m walking for my two daughters, that a cure may be found, and they never have to face this disease.

I’ll walk with their names on my own shirt over the course of the three days (or on my white butterfly wings, if my walking partner convinces me to wear them!).question-t-shirt

Here’s where you come in:  please leave a comment with the name of someone you’d like me to walk for.  It can be a first name or nickname (Suzy, Grammy Lee, Auntie Beth, etc.).  I’ll add their names to my t-shirts (or wings!).  If you don’t want to leave the information publicly, you can send it to me via e-mail at dawn [at] sheistoofondofbooks [dot] com .

Thanks for your help!  I will, of course, post pictures of the t-shirts/wings.  I’ll be wearing them 3 weeks from tomorrow, the countdown is on!

p.s.  you can check my progress at my 3-Day participant page.

21 comments to 3-Day Thursday: who am I walking for?

  • Oh, I hope you’ll wear the wings! Please add Patty, a dear friend of my mother-in-law, who is battling breast cancer to your shirt. Thanks!

  • Julie

    So tell me about these wings!

  • Cheryl Harpe

    Please add my name as a breast cancer survivor… we need to let everyone know that their efforts are saving lives. God bless you.

  • Julie

    Please add Nancy, my best friend who I lost to BC in February 2005. Thank you. Too many names. More miles to walk.

  • Great job! Please add Marieke, if you wouldn’t mind. I’ll be walking for her in Philly too!
    Linda “3-peater”
    NYC 2001
    Boston 2002
    Arizona 2004
    Michigan 2005
    San Diego 2007
    Philadelphia 2009

  • Kim

    Me and my best friend heard the news about our moms having breast cancer within 6 monthes of eachother, we are walking for them – D. Stoebs and S. Touks

  • Kaela

    I’m walking in Denver and Seattle this year. Please add Lisa, Debbie, Angie and Marie. Angie is 24 and has just finished her first round of chemo. Her mom Debbie is a 10 year survivor. Marie is a survivor and Lisa continues to get body and head scans on a regular basis as she has had to deal with numerous mets.

  • Greg

    Hi Dawn,
    Thanks for walking. Please add the name Jen Hoffmann to your shirt. I promise you that she’ll be with you every step of the way.

  • velmalane

    Thank you for walking! Please add Lorida to your collection of names. She was my hard working mother I lost to breast cancer 10 years ago.

  • Thank you for walking. I don’t have a name to add but my prayers and support are with you.

  • Renate the mother of one of closest friends who has been battling breast cancer for 8 years. Thank you so much. I’ll let my friend know.

  • Geez. If I started listing all the BC survivors I know… my scrapbook lady. The Tour Manager’s great-grandmother. The woman who owns the local indie bookstore I like so much…

    We’d be here forever.

    I think I need one of those shirts for myself. Maybe next year, I’ll be able to join you on this and wear their names, myself.

  • Karin

    Thank you for doing this. I am walking for my 4th year in Philly again this year. I walk for my daughters (I’ve had 2 biopsies and a lumpectomy just 3 wks ago – no cance, pre-cancer only). I walk for my mom who I lost in 1990 – Kathy, and another angel – a good friend and co-worker, Donna. If you could add some wings for them I would be very grateful!

    Keep walking!

  • Could you add my Mom’s name? She was Judy Coleman and a wonderful woman. Thanks!

  • Could you please add Mary-Ann to your t-shirt? I think this is a wonderful and generous thing for you to do. You rock!

  • This is an incredible thing to do! Please add my friend Amy to your shirt. Thank you.

  • This is a wonderful thing you’re doing. Please add Kaethe to your list; she was a dear friend of my mother’s, and she passed away last October. She was just a few weeks away from getting her five-year all-clear.

  • Kristine

    Hi Dawn !
    I hope your training is going well. You can (unfortunately) add 6 names for me:
    Patty, Lucie (both died in their early ’40s).

    Debbie and Mary, both of them just in 2008 had chemo, radiation and then in 2009 both had double masectomy. Debbie has 3 children, Mary has 4.
    Also, Andrea and Susie, friends of my mom who are long term survivors (20 years +, I think !). Thanks for walking and sharing your journey with us !

  • [...] is another audience participation post.  I wrote one last week, when I asked you to tell me who I’ll be walking in honor of, or in memory of.  I’ll be wearing these names on my clothing throughout the weekend.  If you’d like [...]

  • I’d love to add some names to your list …

    Aunt Bev from California – passed away from breast cancer in 1998
    Aunt Donna from California – survived breast cancer
    Christie from Maryland (friend) – mom of 4 teens/preteens – just had both breasts removed, doesn’t know yet whether the surgery got everything or not

    Thanks so much for this!

  • Ali

    Please add my friend Simone, who just had a mastectomy this spring and is currently fighting breast cancer with chemo.

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