The Amy Einhorn perpetual reading challenge

It’s happening again …  I’m joining another reading challenge … Not just joining, but chimed in encouragement when ideas for the challenge were being bounced around on – you guessed it! – Twitter!  Beth Fish has the whole story over at the challenge announcement post on her blog.

This is an ongoing challenge – no time limits, no committing to a certain number of books. It’s a way to gather together readers who have enjoyed books from the Putnam imprint Amy Einhorn Books.  This imprint has brought us The Help, The Marriage Bureau for Rich People, The Postmistress, and nine others since its founding in 2009.

Read the details over at Beth Fish Reads “Amy Einhorn Books Perpetual Challenge.”  Then, sign up if you want to join in; you can proudly display that pretty button at the top of this post, created by Jenn from Jenn’s Bookshelves.

I’ll track my reviews here:

  • Amy Einhorn Books published in 2009:


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