Reading thru the imprint: The Reagan Arthur Books Challenge

There’s a new(ish) imprint in town – Reagan Arthur Books, from Little, Brown & Company. 

Reagan Arthur Books is:

an imprint with a simple, single focus: great writing in the service of great stories. It will be a home for writers of literary novels, adventures, memoir, true narrative—a place where books aren’t separated by genre, but bound by a common love of language and storytelling. The authors on our list are some of the most talented and original writers at work today, from critically acclaimed and award-winning bestsellers to fresh-out-of-the-gate, dazzling newcomers. Our goal is to give readers what they want most: the unique and lasting pleasure of sitting alone with a good book, being moved and entertained and even changed forever.

Kathy from BermudaOnion and Julie from Booking Mama have created a perpetual reading challenge, covering books from the Reagan Arthur Books imprint.

There’s a fantastic website dedicated to the Reagan Arthur Books Challenge, where you can sign up, read more about the imprint and its books, and find links to reviews of books that challenge participants have read.

I’ll use this post to track the challenge books as I read them; this is an on-going challenge – no minimums, no time limits!  Year heading indicates year of publication, dates in parentheses indicate date of review.

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