Happy and Haunting Halloween!

Yesterday I shared our quick and easy fix for Halloween decorations.  Yes, we have pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, too; and we stuffed a lopsided scarecrow this year.  But, our attempts are child’s play compared to some of the elaborate decorations I’ve seen around town.  Below are two of my favorites:

I suppose this is more general autumn than specific to Halloween.  The bride looks lovely in white (and has neither blood running down her chest, nor a cleaver sticking out of her head), so the homeowners will be able to keep this up as long as those gourds stay intact, maybe through Thanksgiving.

Many of the homes in this neighborhood have long porches along the front (some wrap around to the sides — this is the equivalent of Dawn’s Dream House!).  Several of the homeowners use the attic window as a starting point for a gigantic spiderweb, complete with poisonous spider hovering over the home.  The webs and spiders can get fairly elaborate, and I suspect there’s a subtle (if not official) competition between the homes on the street.

 We’re not that creative (and would need to add a porch to the front of our house to pull off the spiderweb decor!), so we stick to milk jug ghosts and basic Jack-o-lanterns.

Happy and haunting Halloween to you!

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