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Book Giveaway: *Eden Lake* by Jane Roper

Jane Roper is a Boston-area author whose first novel, Eden Lake, was published earlier this month.  I haven’t yet had the opportunity to read Eden Lake, but it appeals to me; one of the blurbs I read is from Tom Perrotta:

Eden Lake is an unusually accomplished debut novel about love and loss and the absurdities of summer camp. Jane Roper writes with quiet authority and sly humor about a large and intriguing cast of characters.”

And here’s a description of the novel:

In 1968, newlyweds Clay Perry and Carol Weiss founded Eden Lake, a utopian children’s summer camp. Thirty years later, their marriage is long over and the camp has become a pricey playground for entitled suburbanites. When tragedy strikes, the Perryweiss children have to decide what role Eden Lake, and all that it stands for, will play in their lives. Abe, the eldest and heir apparent, has never been able to commit to a career—or a woman. Jude, entangled with a married man, must confront her turbulent relationship with her past. Eric, the youngest, who has never strayed far from Eden Lake, stands at the precipice of a new life. Idealism and infidelity, childhood memories and the hard truths of adulthood collide and coalesce in the summer of 1998 at Camp Eden Lake.

The combination of the setting (Maine), the memories (summer camp!), and one of my favorite themes (sibling relationships) is a trifecta that calls to me!

Is it calling to you, too?

The author has generously offered to send a copy of Eden Lake to a US/Canada reader of She Is Too Fond of Books!  To enter the giveaway, simply view the “non-trailer” below, and leave a comment with your thoughts on book trailers, and this specific (and very funny!) “non-trailer;” do you agree with the podiatrist or the ironic writer?

Giveaway will be open for entries until midnight EDT on Thursday, June 9.  The winner will be announced on June 10.

Jane Roper writes the BabySquared column on babble.com, devoted to her adventures in parenting twins.  To learn more about Jane Roper and Eden Lake, visit the author’s website.  You can also follow Jane Roper on twitter.

24 comments to Book Giveaway: *Eden Lake* by Jane Roper

  • That is a pretty funny video. I like when he does air quotes :) I haven’t gotten into book trailers yet. Every time I start to watch one I think “Noooo I don’t want it to spoil anything for me!” and I know it’s not going to, but I think all I need is the description on the jacket cover. That being said, if I were publishing a book right now, of course I’d make a trailer. Because the podiatrist is right.
    P.S.- Have been looking forward to Eden Lake. Family dramas are my fav.

  • Brittany Gale

    “Do you want to make out?” hahaha. That was awesome. I suppose I agree with the ironic writer. Sounds like a good book though and I would be interested in reading it!


  • Lin Snow

    I watched this on my laptop on my couch. My husband stopped watching tv to see what I was doing. When the trailer finished he simply said: “weird”

    Maybe it’s just me but I’ve seen some book trailers and then been disappointed that it was for a book and not a real movie. Books should just be books and not fancied up to look like movies.

    I wanna read this! It’s on my “to buy” list once I read the 5 books I’m currently reading…

  • The trailer kills me :D I have to agree with the podiatrist, anything to maximize exposure.

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  • ellie

    This book sounds captivating and something that I am greatly interested in. The trailer was entertaining and cute, unique. Trailers give insight and depth into the book being featured which is helpful.

  • Katie

    The book sounds like something I would really enjoy and I like Jane Roper’s writing. I didn’t even know that book trailers existed, but this one was amusing.

  • Andrea

    I love Jane Roper’s blog and would be delighted to get a free copy of her book! I had mixed feelings watching the trailer. I can see the appeal and I found it comical, but I don’t think these kinds of things would influence me to buy a book. It feels uncessary to me. Perhaps it could have an impact on those not familiar with a particular author.

  • I am added to books and book reviews. I think this book would be fun to read, and since I am older and went to camp it would bring back memories.

  • Trudi Albertine

    Would love to read this for my local library summer reading challenge…also my oldest granddaughter goes to camp in Maine so should be fun!

  • I thought Jane Roper’s “non-trailer” was a riot! I actually laughed out loud while I was watching it. I’m not a big fan of book trailers; mostly, they seem like a lot of fluff, unless it’s the author talking about his/her book, and, then, sometimes, they’re okay. But they certainly don’t have any impact on whether I choose to read a book or not. I thought Jane’s rather sly poke at book trailers was totally funny. Her non-trailer seems to match up with some of the other stuff she has written on The Rumpus, which I’ve also found amusing. She’s got a great sense of humor. I’d love to read Eden Lake.

  • Linda Kish

    I would love to read this book.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  • rhonda

    sounds like a really good read.

  • sounds interesting–enter me please!

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  • Julie J.

    Looks like a perfect book to take to the beach this summer.

  • karenk

    thanks for the opportunity to read this fabulous book :P )

  • Bonnie dudley

    Sounded great please enter me for this copy of Eden Lake.

  • Bonnie dudley

    Actually I do watch book trailers they are great idea

  • Ok that was funny…. I actually dont like book trailers, I think they take away from the experience of putting the characters and scenes in your mind on your own but I can see how they can be effective. This one however – is awesome… loved it, and well…. at least the author has a website ;)

    I think the book sounds really interesting.

  • Funniest non-trailer ever. I don’t know what made me laugh more-”No, I’m a podiatrist” or the way he rubbed his hands together while he waited for her to get a drink.

    I love book trailers. I don’t know how much they influence me to buy a book but I love watching them after I own a book. Is that odd?

  • Justine

    Honestly…I was annoyed about 10 seconds into this and was hoping it would get over quickyly. I was too focused on trying to figure out what the robotic voices were saying to ever really catch much about the book. I myself have never watched a “book trailer,” well that is before today. I have never felt the need to. If I think the book sounds good by the description on the cover, I will read it.

  • Blair

    Pretty funny stuff! Feet are gross, so on principal I disagree with the podiatrist. Also. I like how you captured the true spirit of man, “THis party sucks, we have nothing to talk about, let’s make out.”

  • Kristen B

    This is an awesome novel – I am almost done and highly recommend it! The family drama is great and really pulls you into the characters. The quaint camp setting also makes me long for summer by a lake! Great beach read!