Audiobook Review: *Outliers* by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell (Audio CD )
Publisher: Hachette Audio; Unabridged edition (November 18, 2008)
Running Time: Approximately 7 hours on 7 CDs
ISBN-13: 978-1600243912

Back-of-the-box blurb:  In [Outliers], Malcolm Gladwell takes us on an intellectual journey through the world of “outliers”–the best and the brightest, the most famous and the most successful.  He asks [...]

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Back when we lived in Connecticut, my “Upsilamba” book group enjoyed discussing Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, which explains why some trends take off, and the 3 personality types that can help trends along.  We were labelling each other, “you’re a connector,” “Carolann is a maven,” “Toni is a salesman,” etc.  I still mentally categorize people [...]