3-Day Thursday: 60 miles, 3 days, 1 mission. Our Boston 3-Day Walk

We started in the rain (and it stayed with us for five hours), but it couldn’t dampen our spirits! We handed the umbrella to a spectator at Opening Ceremonies, and walked with plastic grocery bags tied around our feet until they wore away.


This gang cheered us on all thru the 3 days.  There were enthusiastic [...]

3-Day Thursday: Have you heard of “the butterfly effect”?

Have you heard of “the butterfly effect”?  It has to do with chaos theory; for example, that something as seemingly inconsequential as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can have far-reaching impact on weather patterns.

For literature fans out there (yes, you!), here’s a little quiz, with answers below in Comments.  Name two authors who have [...]

3-Day Thursday: keep those cards and letters coming!

Madame Ambassador is back, with the two-week countdown to the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk!  Wow, I’ve been preparing for this event for so many months, it’s hard to believe I’ll be setting out on the first leg of this journey in just 14 days!

This is another audience participation post.  I wrote one last week, when [...]

3-Day Thursday: who am I walking for?

It’s Thursday!  Time for another 3-Day update from Madame Ambassador!  Stick around ’til the end; this is an audience-participation post …

Many people have asked me “why are you doing this?!”  They want to know why I’m choosing to walk 20 miles a day for each of 3 days.  I have two answers:

The first is that [...]

3-Day Thursday: How to pack without being a pack-rat

Hello!  Yes, you!  You with the rolling suitcase, the garment bag, the two pair of shoes for every outfit, and a bathing suit “just in case” … oh, wait, that’s me and my luggage for a typical weekend away.  Not this time!  I, and all the other 3-Day walkers, are under strict packing instructions and [...]

3-Day Thursday: “you’ve gotta have heart!”


I want to take a few paragraphs today to give a shout out to a special group, they are Men with Heart, a group of men dedicated to fighting breast cancer.

They are husbands, brothers, fathers, sons, friends and colleagues.  they have come together to do something constructive; and they do it with spirit, and, yes, [...]

3-Day Thursday: Exploring the Expo


Madame Ambassador is back!  Today I will share about the Breast Cancer 3-Day Preview Expo which I attended this weekend.

The 3-Day Preview Expo is a 3-hour event which is designed to answer any and every question a walker, crew member, or other volunteer might have.  You can come and go as you like, but workshops are [...]

3-Day Thursday: If the shoe fits …


Madame Ambassador is back with this week’s installment of 3-Day Thursday.  Today we’re going to talk about shoes – not Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik – but shoes you can train to walk 60 miles in!

Early on in my 3-Day experience I decided that I was going to take advantage of every official [...]

3-Day Thursday: Be flexible!


Welcome to this week’s 3-Day Thursday, er, Friday post!  I had planned to post about the shoe-fitting clinic I attended, along with some tips for choosing the right training/walking equipment ….

But, it’s been a wacky week, so instead of following my plan, I’m writing about being flexible.  That’s not stretching and yoga, we’ll cover that [...]

Introducing 3-Day Thursday: Call me Madame Ambassador


The folks at the Breast Cancer 3-Day noticed some of my earlier posts about the walk I’m doing, which will be held in the Boston area in July.

They’ve asked me, and other chatty walking bloggers, to become 3-Day Online Ambassadors, keeping our readers up-to-date with info about the various walks around the country as well as [...]