Small Change. Big Impact. Vote for First Book.


I received an e-mail from Jane Robinson, CFO of First Book, asking me to spread the word about a cost-free way you can help bring awareness, and possible funding, to First Book and to help establish a Global Resources Network.  First Book is reaching only a fraction of those who need services.  “A Global Resources [...]

First Book update for November 2008



There has been some very positive activity over at our Book Bloggers First Book fundraising page!


Becca at BookStack pledged to donate $2.50 for each of her viewers who committed to buying books for the holidays.  It costs First Book $2.50 to get a book into the hands of a child; Becca’s generous contribution of $100, matched [...]

First Book Update: October 2008

Yes, it’s mid-November, and my intent is to update my efforts to support First Book monthly.  I’ll shoot for the first week of the month next time.

As I posted here, I’ve taken on a personal challenge to support First Book, monetarily and with my time and talents (be they what they may   )

For [...]

Take a *First Look* at my relationship with *First Book*

If you’ve been reading She Is Too Fond Of Books for any length of time, and if you’ve read the BBAW interview over at My Friend Amy’s last week, you know a little bit about me… 

You know I’m a stay-at-home-mom to four bright and active kids. 
You know my youngest just turned four and I’m starting to think about [...]