My conversation with *Savvy Verse and Wit*

Earlier in the week I read an interesting ”reverse meme” at Savvy Verse and Wit.  Serena posted her responses to five questions posed by Monica at Monniblog.  It was fun to learn a little more about Serena, and to ponder how I would have answered those questions.

I’m notorious for not forwarding memes; I’m a slacker even [...]

Call in and talk to Brunonia Barry, author of *The Lace Reader*


Tomorrow night (Wednesday, November 5), you can call in and talk to Brunonia Barry, author of The Lace Reader .  The conference call takes place at 8pm EST; click this link for details, including how to call in, or email questions ahead of time.  The webcast will be archived at that same link, so you [...]

From the archives: Interview with My Friend Amy from BBAW 2008

From the archives: This post originally ran during BBAW 08, as part of the book blogger interview swap that My Friend Amy organized.  A week after BBAW I moved to a self-hosted site; I thought all my posts migrated with me, but Amy’s interview slipped through the cracks!  Since we’re getting ready for BBAW [...]