Weekend Cooking: First week with the new leaf

No, not oregano leaves, or bay leaves, or even tea leaves.  Just one.  Leaf.  As in turn over a new leaf. The SITFOB family isn’t big on resolutions, but we do have a plan for the New Year.

Years ago (either before kids, or before the kids were eating ‘real’ food), J and I added to [...]

Weekend Cooking: Sadie Rosenblum's Baumtorte

A few days ago I reviewed Mr. Rosenblum Dreams in English, a fable of a love story about making dreams come true.

Several passages in the book refer to cooking and the memories that the rituals and scents of cooking can invoke (page 161):

Once, Sadie had tried writing down her memories, attempting to preserve them in [...]

Weekend Cooking recipe: barbeque pulled pork sandwiches

Ideally, I have our weekday dinners planned by Sunday evening; I can do a big trip to the grocery store on Monday, and only have to run out to restock fresh produce and milk during the week.  And, the kids volunteer to help with kitchen cleanup, then trot up the stairs to get ready for bed, singing “So [...]

Chocolate Biscotti recipe from Adriana Trigiani's *Very Valentine*

A few days ago I posted my review of Very Valentine, the first in a trilogy by Adriana Trigiani, with Brava, Valentine coming in February 2010, followed by the third book (tentatively titled Ciao, Valentine) in 2011.

I mentioned that food played a major role in setting the mood of Very Valentine, and that several recipes [...]

Easy Craisin-O Bars (great recipe for kids!)

I’m joining Julie and Kathy (and a whole bunch of other over-stuffed-from -Thanksgiving people) in the grand finale of their The 12 Days of Christmas Cookies series.  Click over to their blogs today to find links to lots of tried and true recipes.  BookingMama features candy and chocolate cookie recipes; you’ll find more traditional cookie [...]

A Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe: Chunky Cranberry Relish

I ran this recipe in the comments sections of one of my blog posts around this time last year.  Today it will get top billing … I’ll even add some photos after I make it on Tuesday.

Chunky Cranberry Relish is so easy to make (really:  combine, boil, simmer, cool) and a winning combination of sweet [...]

Weekend Cooking: The Best Meatloaf Recipe (really!)

I’m joining Beth Fish’s Weekend Cooking series – where she invites people to post on anything food-related.  She has a Mr. Linky over on her blog to connect your post with others who are writing about a wide spectrum of foodie topics – book and cookbook reviews, photos, kitchen gadgets, baking techniques, tips and tricks, [...]

Fall Festival Recipe Exchange: Butternut Squash Soup

My Friend Amy has organized a Fall Festival Recipe Exchange!  She has asked for creativity – photos, songs, seasonal traditions, or themed books.  Well, we just brought the Autumn/Harvest box up from the basement and haven’t yet put up the decorations; my younger two kids are sapping my energy by changing their minds about their [...]

Book Review (part 1; recipe demo): *What Can I Bring? Cookbook* by Anne Byrn

I’ll be posting a full review of What Can I Bring? Cookbook in the next week or so.  In the meantime, I’ll share one of the recipes that we tested.  We were invited to a friend’s house for dinner, and offered to bring a tasty snack to share while dinner was grilling.  This FTC-compliant post [...]

Our book group cookie exchange, and a yummy bon-bon recipe!

Last night our neighborhood book group, the Rev Road Readers, met for our first Christmas Cookie Exchange.  Sue, our hostess, has a lovely home that was all decked out for the holidays; it was a great combination of looking like a magazine spread yet being “homey” and welcoming at the same time.  Maybe I’ll be able [...]